Medium Enhanced Stats

Medium Enhanced Stats is a Chrome extension which gives your total reach and summary stats of your articles (and responses) with a single click without need to visit Medium itself!

Besides that it also adds lots of useful improvements and information to the original Medium stats page!


I have been using Medium for years and I was always curious about the total reach of my articles

Unfortunately, Medium stats can be described only as very basic. Even simple stuff like a summary row with a total count of the views and reads at the bottom of the table is unfortunately missing...

The only solution was to add up the numbers manually which is a boring, error-prone process. It gets progressively more tedious with the increasing number of articles, so you basically get punished for being a productive writer…

Medium Enhanced Stats total reach popup
Medium Enhanced Stats total reach popup actions
Medium Enhanced Stats summary row
Medium Enhanced Stats extra info
Medium Enhanced Stats article contribution chart
Medium Enhanced Stats article published indicator
Medium Enhanced Stats milestone reached animation

What do you get

  1. Total reach indicator
  2. Milestone tracking and celebration
  3. Bar chart article published markers
  4. Stats table summary row
  5. Extra claps count column with additional info
  6. Article contribution chart (to the daily totals)
  7. Support for both users and publications
  8. One click screenshot of your total reach for sharing on social media
  9. One click .csv export of your stats for further analysis
  10. Notification popup with notification counts per notifications type
Check out and download Medium Enhanced Stats to get better insights and provide even more value for your readers!

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