Release Butler

Release Butler is a Twitter bot that helps you to stay up to date with releases of popular frontend frameworks & libraries!

How it works

Release Butler has a list of GitHub open source projects he is interested in like Angular, React, Typescript, RxJs or many others... He checks their repositories every half hour to figure out if somebody created a new release. If yes, Release Butler grabs corresponding changelog, makes it beautiful and posts it on Twitter…


  1. Reduce repetitive workflow when you had to manually check GitHub repositories for the new versions and changelogs of used libraries
  2. Decrease nagging FOMO when you didn’t check Twitter for a whole day and fear that you may have missed a release announcement by the author of the library you’re interested in
  3. Empower developers by providing them with a tool that enables them to generate beautifully looking changelogs which can be usedS in their blog posts, presentations or just to share with other peeps
  4. Ability to fill the role of the person who breaks the news to the rest of the team is optional 😉
Follow Release Butler at @releasebutler
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Follow Release Butler to stay up to date with releases of popular frontend frameworks & libraries!

Release types

Every tweet made by Release Butler is kept simple to focus only on what really matters… Besides obvious things like project name, version and changelog image, it also contains visual emoji-powered indicator for the release type…

Get beautiful changelog for your library

Get a changelog of any version of your favorite open source project as a beautiful image and use it in your blog post, slides or tweet

Besides being a Twitter bot, Release Butler also comes with a website that enables you to get a changelog of any version of any open source library hosted on GitHub. All you have to do is to select a changelog type, provide repository name and version you’re looking for...

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