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Let's face it. It can be pretty hard to keep up with the recent frontend development technology churn. The development paradigms and frameworks come and go on a regular basis!

The teams have to adapt to the ever changing environment trying to keep up with the new versions and evolving best practices...

      based consulting for startups and enterprises in Switzerland

Recent challenges

  • Advent of reactive programming with RxJs
  • Increased scale and amount of frontend projects
  • Widespread adoption of Typescript
  • Microservices on the frontend (Microfrontends)
  • Advent of web components and related libraries
  • ...

Offered value

  • Expert level Angular know-how
  • Large network of experts and core contributors
  • Introduction of best practices
  • Coaching / support of the team members
  • Determining right architecture / approach for the given use case
  • Full end to end toolchain know-how (tooling / build / deployment)
  • ...
Empower Your team by bringing in Angular expertise and leverage the vast network of experts and core contributors

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