Mastery Workshop 

This workshop will teach you all necessary concepts to become proficient Angular developer by building a real world single page application!

We will go step by step through all the interesting concepts and hands on exercises to build up your knowledge and skills from introduction to web development and Typescript to detailed topics like Angular routing or lazy loading...

Angular Concepts

  1. Angular introduction
  2. Angular ecosystem (release cycle, docs, …)
  3. Angular platform
  4. What's new in Angular
  5. Angular application high-level overview
  6. Angualr building blocks (modules, components, ...)
  7. Modules and dependency injection

Angular CLI

  1. Introduction
  2. Generation of workspace, application and entities
  3. Workspace structure
  4. Running the applications
  5. Building the applications
  6. Testing and code quality tooling
  7. Workspace configuration
  8. Developer productivity and convenience features

Basic Angular

  1. Displaying data using components
  2. User interaction
  3. Component life-cycle
  4. Component communication
  5. Reusable logic in services
  6. State management essentials

Advanced Angular

  1. Going bigger with Angular routing
  2. Backend communication
  3. Forms and validation
  4. Pipes and Directives
  5. Advanced template interactions (projection, content children, …)
  6. Environments & configuration

Master Angular

  1. Change detection
  2. Advanced architecture (features, core module, shared module, eager vs lazy, ...)
  3. State management approaches, heuristics and libraries
  4. Internationalization (i18n)
  5. Enterprise architecture (reusable libraries, monorepo, …)


  1. What’s new in frontend development
  2. Modern JavaScript (ES2015+) essentials
  3. Typescript for Angular developers
  4. Reactive programming and RxJs Basics
  5. One way data flow & immutability
  6. Community open-source libraries

Extra Resources

  1. Full presentation as PDF for further reference
  2. Many exercise projects (git repository)
  3. Fully working code example (reference exercise)
  4. Individual questions / exercise review during the hands on part
Angular Mastery Workshop by Tomas Trajan - Example
Angular Mastery Workshop by Tomas Trajan - Example
Angular Mastery Workshop by Tomas Trajan - Example
Angular Mastery Workshop by Tomas Trajan - Example
Angular Mastery Workshop by Tomas Trajan - Example
Angular Mastery Workshop by Tomas Trajan - Example

The software engineers were very satisfied with the quality of the training. Sharing best practices and real life experiences during the training added extra value for us. We believe we found a professional Angular contact person.

Janos Zatonai

Janos Zatonai

Manager, Varian Medical Systems

This course has already been given to two teams of developers. The feedback has been very positive both times! The content is very complete and evolves along with the framework. I strongly recommend this course to all those who wish to improve their skills!

Dany Marques

Dany Marques

Software Architect, La Mobilière

The instructors really knew topics they presented and what a training means - that’s more than sharing information. One person already said that he is so excited to do some improvement into his code because now he really sees how it should be done.

Päivi Tuhkanen

Päivi Tuhkanen

Manager, VMS Helsinki

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