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Current topics

  • How to build custom Angular Schematics
    Live coding
  • The best way to lazy load Angular Elements
    Presentation + demo
  • Release Butler - A Twitter bot that Tweets changelogs of popular frontend frameworks and libraries
    ⚡ talk

Speakers bio

Tomas Trajan is a Google Developer Expert for Angular and Web technologies. He is currently working as a consultant and Angular trainer with Swiss based enterprise organizations where he strives to provide a lot of value by empowering developer teams, sharing know-how and leveraging large network of experts and core contributors. This enables him to get things done - anything from a complex infrastructure topic, process automation or mission critical feature... Besides that he also writes an Angular focused blog, works on open source and speaks at various local and international meetups and conferences.

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Are you an organizer of a great conference or meetup and would you like to get some thought provoking Angular or frontend talk for you attendees?

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